Wednesday, November 25

Baby Names

So now that we know our little one is a boy, we have to decide on a name. Currently Scott and I are unable to decide between two names, although we haven't limited them to only these names, we may find another that we like better. But for now we are "arguing" against two names. What do you think? I have added a little poll to the side so you can vote on your favorite name!

Evan James
Brian Joseph

Tell us what you think!


Christina said...

Aghh, I was hoping Brian would win...but I'm biased! ;)

Auntie Wiesow's Ramblings said...

Go with Evan. I was telling you Evan is a good name when we visited. It's so cute!

Marly said...

A name is like a gift - and the best gifts reflect the person you're giving it to. I recommend waiting until after your son is born and then see what name best reflects him. Just think of the stories you'll tell him some day about how you picked the name that seemed right for him. I talk to lots of people about their names and the best ones have stories like that behind them. Best wishes to you!

Kevin and Bekah said...

I love the name Evan but it sounds a lot like Brendan. What do they mean?

Rebukey said...

I really like the sound of Evan James. :)

Pat Kent said...

I like to check out the meaning of names for children. Here are yours:
Evan means "Bearer of truth,
Suggested character quality: "Bringer of Truth."
James, "The supplanter(Hebrew), suggested character quality: truthful."
Brian means "Strength,virtue, honor,..character quality, Strong in Virtue." and Joseph, (Literal) "He shall add", character quality, increasing faithfulness."
All are good names. This was from Book "What's In A Name" compiled by Gayle Palmquist & John Hartzell