Friday, November 6

Our Car

On Halloween, 2004, Scott and I went to the Hyundai dealership to buy a car. We were newly engaged and knew that we would need a second car soon. Hyundai has always provided pretty cheap and reliable cars. So we bought the cheapest model, the Hyundai accent. We knew that we wanted a four door, the only four door they had on the lot was red. Very bright red. But neither Scott or myself are very fast drivers so we weren’t too worried about the speeding tickets. After hours at the dealership negotiating, and waiting, we drove off the lot with our brand new car, co-signed by his parents, only 1.2 miles on it, mostly from our test drive.
She was ours.

2004 Hyundai Accent Red 4-door.

Earlier this week, five years later, we made our final payment. The title is in the mail, and the car is officially ours! No more car payments! Wahoo!

Except now we have to buy a bigger family car to replace mine…so much for the no car payments! Oh well, such is life!


Nicole said...

How about buying a used car this time? Car payments are the devil. :)

Random Thoughts said...

That little red car has sure been through some milestones with you guys. Time flies!