Thursday, November 5


This was my very first year Trick-or-Treating, oh and Brendan's too! We dressed Brendan up as a little German boy (or Hansel from Hansel & Gretel). I thought he was absolutely adorable! But then again, I am his mom.

Our first stop was Aunt Bekah & Uncle Kevin's house (sorry no pictures) we walked over to my sister's house to show off our cute kid. I think this was his favorite house. Aunt Bekah let him take the candy straight from the bowl and put it in his bag. He kept reaching for more, and being the Aunt that she is, she just kept letting him take more candy and put it in his little bag. On the walk back to our house, we stopped at a few more houses. Each time, Brendan really getting the hang of this candy thing. We weren't out very long because Daddy wanted to race home to hand out candy to other trick-or-treaters.

Unfortunately, we were not prepared for how many kids would come to our house! We ran out of candy in 10 minutes. Next year we will be more prepared. Brendan liked standing next to daddy handing out candy.

Once our candy ran out, we went inside, got Brendan ready for bed, and enjoyed a quite evening to ourselves. It was much needed alone time! I think Brendan's favorite part I think was his candy bag. Even after getting ready for bed, he was so intrigued by his bag of candy and kept taking out his candy to show them to us.


Auntie Wiesow's Ramblings said...

It's not just you. The Hansel outfit is really cute and original!

Random Thoughts said...

That costume was adorable because my grandson was in it! Oops...Guess I'm just a tad prejudiced. I loved the skeleton PJ's too.

Random Thoughts said...

Hey Rachel, how did you like trick-or-treating?