Wednesday, November 4

Trip to the Dentist

Brendan had his first visit to the Dentist this week. Last Sunday, while sitting in the airport, I noticed that Brendan had a dark black spot on his upper left gum where his molar should be coming through. It was a black spot and really swollen. I called my doctor first thing Monday morning to ask what I should do. The nurse said that it was probably just a blood blister under the surface, to watch it and if it doesn’t get better in two weeks, to call the dentist. Being a first time mom, I was still a little worried. I checked the spot every day and the swelling seemed to get better, and then worse again.

By Monday morning, I wasn’t seeing any improvements. So I called my dentist. I explained that I had a 15 month with a swollen-black-spot on their gums. She told me to bring him in right away. So at 9:30, I left work, picked Brendan back up and went to the Dentist. My dentist was very nice, looked at his gum and said “I need to send him to a pediatric specialist” So we got up and she referred me to a dentist. I kept asking if they knew what it was, finally, the dentist looks at me and says, “I have no idea what is wrong with his mouth.”

I immediately call the Pediatric dentist from my car. I explain my situation and they say they have an appointment at 11:00, it is currently 10:15.
“Or as soon as you can get here.”
“I’m on my way!”

I arrive at Kid’s World Children’s Dentistry at 10:45. The receptionists were really sweet. I explained that I did not have dental insurance for him yet, so they give me some paperwork to fill out. Instead of a sign-in sheet, they take a picture of the patient with the parent, it was unusual, but they said it helps the Dr. to remember his patients. As we are waiting, the Dental Hygienists comes out to check on Brendan’s “boo boo” I show her his gums and as I am handing the paperwork back to the reception area, the dentist come out Dr. Roy Beam. He also takes a quick look at Brendan’s gum and says they will bring me back shortly.

When we were taken to the back. I sat down with Brendan in my lap. Dr. Beam sits across from me and hold Brendan’s head in his lap as I hold his hands still. He was so gentle while checking out his teeth. As shows me a picture in a book that looks similar to Brendan’s gums. He explains that it is some sort of cyst that was caused when the tooth started to come in. Apparently it is not that common because no one in the office had seen it before, and Dr. Beam had to confirm with a book. He said once the molar finally comes through, the cysts will go down/away. They also said if I rub a warm wash cloth dipped in warm salt water, it should help the swelling.
I know it is blurry, but it is the best picture I could get,
you can kind of see the black swelling on his upper left gum.
Ignore the Blue Mouth.

I have a follow-up appointment in two weeks for him to check on the gum and make sure everything looks okay. Since having his mouth examined was “traumatic” for Brendan, they gave him a blue sugar-free sucker. Brendan just loved that! They also sent him home with a new toothbrush, tooth paste, a children’s teething chart and Brendan got to pick two toys out of a bin to take home.

Brendan with his toy picks and his nice sticky blue mouth!

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