Wednesday, November 4

Pumpkin Patch 2009

This year I took Brendan to the Pumpkin Patch to try and get some cute pictures. He enjoyed the pumpkin patch more this year than last, but was not interested in sitting still for pictures. My friend Tawni went with me with her son Sammy. We tried to get pictures of the boys together. This was even less successful than individual pictures! We keep thinking as the boys get older that it will be easier to get pictures taken of them. Now I'm thinking it wont be easier until they are 12 - unless they get that teenage attitude, then we are in trouble!

This was Brendan & both boys at the pumpkin patch last year! What a difference a year makes!

I did get a couple of decent pictures, enjoy!

And then these just made me laugh!


Random Thoughts said...

The one where they are sitting on the hay bale is real cute!

Hazeleyessue said...

So cute! I love the flannel shirts!