Sunday, November 8

Good Chocolate

Last weekend Scott and I went to See’s Candy to get a pound of chocolate to take home. We were given a 1 pound gift certificate from my grandmother last April, and finally decided to use it. Scott had never filled a box before by picking out our favorite pieces, usually he just buys either a pre-filled box of nuts & chews, or he will by me a box of molasses chips.

As we are filling our box, we were each given a free sample. Mine was a butter-cream with walnuts covered in milk chocolate. She also gave me some molasses chips to give to Brendan, but I was thinking they would probably be too hard for him to eat. Her reasoning was “they aren’t as messy”. That might have been the case. As I am holding Brendan and looking at the chocolates behind the glass I notice that he as bent down and taken a bite of my chocolate. I let him have a small bite, move the chocolate further away and keep filling the box.

When we are all done, I look at my son, who is in my arms, and realize he has gotten my chocolate and eaten the entire piece! Chocolate is now all over his hands, face and of course, my shirt. I really wish I had taken a picture, but at the time, all I could think about was getting him to the car and cleaning him up with baby wipes! At least my son knows good chocolate when he has it!