Thursday, November 12

Pregnancy Screening Tests

Monday afternoon I went to the doctor for my 12 week appointment (a little late as it kept getting rescheduled). They told me that I needed to do my “Screening” before the end of the week while I was still in my first trimester. I was actually pretty upset about this. During the screening they check for birth defects and genetic disorders in each of my trimesters. That means I have to have extra blood work done each trimester, and extra doctor visits to a specialist. It probably isn’t a big deal, and most pregnant women probably get it done, but it was a bigger deal to me.

With Brendan, when this screening was offered, I signed the paperwork to deny the tests. But with this pregnancy, I switched doctors. Now I have a brand new set of policies to follow. The PA told me at my last visit that if I choose to deny the tests, they are going to send me to a specialist because they will consider me a “high-risk pregnancy”. With feeling like I didn’t really have a choice, I went ahead and did the test. Although, I haven’t yet done my blood work…I hate needles!

My appointment with the specialist was today at 1:30. When I went in, they gave me an ultrasound. I am in my 13th week of pregnancy and have already doubled the ultrasounds for this kid compared to the last! I wasn’t very excited going into it, but seeing your baby on a large screen really calms you down. She took the measurements, then showed me the arms, legs and head. Then she asked me if I wanted to find out the sex. I said “sure, why not”. She told me that we would confirm on my next appointment.

I am so excited, I didn’t expect to know so soon into the pregnancy, although I am 2 days away from being officially out of my 1st trimester, wow, time is going fast! Of course, she may be wrong with the sex, so we will find out for sure next time.

Aren't you all dying to know what it is??


Kristy said...

So what is it?!

Christina said...

and?????? aghhh you have to tell us!

Anonymous said...

It's so gonna be a girl.

Auntie Wiesow's Ramblings said...

So you're going to drive us all nuts until your next appointment? That's not very nice ;) I think it's a girl. Can't wait to find out.
I think it's ridiculous that they would have considered you "high risk" if you had declined the tests. That's not right! If you don't want tests, you shouldn't have to be pressured into tests. At least you're getting more ultrasounds out of it.