Monday, November 23

Doctor Offices and Shots

Last week I had quite a hectic afternoon. It all started last Monday morning, well I guess you could say it started about a month ago (October 15th). I took Brendan to the doctor for his 15 month check-up. While they were doing all of his immunizations, I asked if he could get the Flu shot (just seasonal, not H1N1) as well, being in a day care, I know he is exposed to germs every day and the healthier he is, the better we all are. When they gave him the shot the nurse instructed me that I would need to come back in one month for his booster flu shot.
“Since the 15th will be a Sunday, just come in on Monday. No need to make an appointment, just call and make sure we still have it.”

So on Monday morning, as I am driving to the Doctor’s office, I remember to call and ask if they still have flu shots. The receptionist tells me. “We only do flu shots Tuesday through Thursday, just come back another day, no need to make an appointment.” Frustrated, I go to work, now late. I didn’t have another opportunity to take Brendan back for his flu shot until Thursday (Dentist appointments, work appointments and everything else). So Thursday, I drive to the Doctor’s office at 8:15, when I get to the parking lot I realize it is pretty empty, so I call inside before unloading my son to ask when I can get a flu shot. “We only do flu shots from 2:00 – 4:00.” Why couldn’t you tell me that on MONDAY when I called?? Okay, I didn’t really yell at her, instead I just got flustered and hung up on her. I don’t think I will have another opportunity to get him a flu shot next week, today is my last chance! So once again, I arrive late at work for no reason.

The night before I spoke with my Mother-in-law on the phone, we had a nice conversation and the topic of the H1N1 vaccine came up. Since I am pregnant, I am at high risk for the virus; she encouraged me to get the shot, which I had been avoiding before. I finally gave in and decided to get it done. I call my doctor and they set up an appointment at 2:00 to get the shot. A middle of the day appointment is always stressful with leaving work so early in the day, but I felt I needed to get all these things done before the Thanksgiving break. So I make the appointment, I figure I can also get my blood work done and pick-up my prescription form my OB all in the same office at the same time. I call my OB’s office on the way to ensure they will be open so I can finally come get my prescription. I tell them I am about to go get my blood-work then I will come upstairs to pick up the prescription (since they refuse to call it in and insist I have to pick it up myself). Last time I came by to pick it up, the office was closed. She tells me that someone was there; I probably didn’t wait long enough.

So I am shot in one arm, blood drawn for the next and run upstairs for my prescription. When I get to my OB’s office, it is dark and no one is at the front desk. Very frustrated, I call the office again telling them I am at the office and no one is here. The woman tells me “oh no, there is always someone there.” Again I tell her that it is empty and the computers are shut down. “Oh wait, what office are you at?” The one whose number I called, the one I always visit, the one at Raincross! “Oh their phone lines are transferred to us, we are at the other office, Raincross is only open part time; you will have to go across town to our other office.” Why are the hours not listed on the business card, why don’t they answer the phone with what office they are at if the phone is forwarded?? So leaving Raincross I went back to pick-up Brendan from daycare so I could take him to get his flu shot (seasonal).

Brendan was such a trooper, when the nurse came in he started o cling to me a bit. I'm not sure if it was because he remembered her (and the shots) from last month, or if he is just getting more sensitive around strangers. He was such a trooper! Brendan didn't even cry, he let out a whimper and held me close but was fine after 10 seconds. No big deal!

I had one more stop to make before going home; I had to pick-up my prescription that they won’t phone in for me. I go by my OB's other office, and wait for the PA to write me a prescription. After spending 10 minutes in the waiting room just to pick up a prescription, I am finally done with all my doctor visits!

So I started my doctor runs at 1:45 when I left work to quickly get to 2:00 appointment, and didn't get home until 4:15. Just in time to put Brendan down for a late nap, finish my Bible Study homework and take a quick half-hour nap. Poor Brendan didn’t do so hot with his shot unfortunately, he was “sick” when he got up from his nap, very fussy and I ended up missing Bible Study. Oh well. I have my H1N1 shot, Blood-work done and prescription, and Brendan has his Flu shot, I guess we are taken care of. Still...What a day!

P.S. Sorry this post was so much longer than I expected! I need to learn to write shorter stories!

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