Monday, November 16

Dentist Follow-up

Today I took Brendan back to the dentist for his follow-up to his problem from two weeks ago. The dentist, once again, was wonderful! He looked at his mouth, where the "black" spot was earlier is now a tooth! Brendan has three of his four molars in, we are just waiting for the last one! Dr. Beam then brushed Brendan's teeth and walked us out to set up an appointment in 6 months. He questioned me on some of Brendan's habits, how often we brush his teeth, if he was still having a bottle before bed and so on. I told him we didn't have bottles anymore, just a sippy-cup of milk about an hour before bedtime. He was very impressed, "It is better for his teeth that way!" he was pleased with Brendan and his "habits".

Although Brendan was not happy at all with having his teeth examined, he still gave his dentist a high-five on the way out. Dr. Beam was also impressed at how advanced Brendan was, he said not many toddlers at 16-months are that capable at high fives, picking out toys and saying "thank you". Brendan got to pick out a toy from the drawer, today he picked up a foam baseball, Daddy would be proud! They also took him to the back room and let him pick a movie, I was thinking it was going to be a movie about visiting the dentist, or teeth care. But Brendan walked out with Horten Hears a Who. I couldn't believe how much they gave Brendan over the standard toothbrush and toothpaste (which we got again this visit). Brendan left happy and ready to go play with the other kids at daycare. I am a little sad that when our insurance changes in January, we will most likely need to find a new dentist for Brendan.

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