Tuesday, November 17

Del Taco

This weekend, we went to Del Taco’s drive through for lunch. I didn’t grow up on Del Taco as my husband did. In fact, I had never heard of Del Taco until college, and to be honest was never really a big fan. I grew up on Taco Bell, much better in my opinion. My Husband though, claims that Taco Bell is "gross" and Del Taco is much better! Come on, a taco place (Del Taco) that serves French Fries? That is just wrong! You should sell Tacos and Mexican food! (Just so you know, I have the same opinion with a Hamburger place, Jack-in-the-Box, selling Tacos) Stick to what you do best!

Anyway, we went to Del Taco because like I said, my husband grew up on the stuff and I am learning to tolerate it. As we get to the Order box (not sure what it is really called) I look at the menu for just the cheap ordinary taco, the cheapest one listed is called the “Classic Taco”. Perfect I think, just their run-of-the-mill ordinary, classic taco, that’s what I want. I then look up on the window of the restaurant and see a big sign, no words, just “59¢” and a picture of a taco. Great! My classic Taco is only 59 cents! But when we order, they charge me 99¢. I question them on the difference, not because I am worried about the 40¢ but it is the principle! You have a huge sign that shows a taco saying it is 59¢, why is my taco coming up as 99¢?? She tells me that I ordered a Classic Taco the one in the picture is the Regular Taco (which by the way is not listed on the menu, nor specified on the advertisement. “Are you kidding me?” I ask, “you have a classic and a regular taco? They should be the same thing!” Then my husband politely thanks the woman and drives off telling me it’s not a big deal. IT IS A BIG DEAL! They didn’t even have the regular taco listed! What could possibly be the difference in the two??

Turns out, the Classic Taco has slightly more meat and 6 diced tomatoes on top. Great. From now on, we are eating at Taco Bell, they have better Taco Sauce anyway.

P.S. I understand that my outrage with Del Taco could very well be my Pregnancy Hormones getting the best of me, but it is still the principle! The husband will just have to learn to tolerate Taco Bell from now on!


Elizabeth said...

I agree, Del Taco is gross! I much prefer Taco Bell.

John and Alisha Stults said...

Taco Bell all the way! But it is probably the pregnancy hormones. When I was pregnant with Micah, I wanted to be an honorary police officer so I could nab every speeder or traffic offender that I saw. John thought it was pretty funny, but I was on a mission! I even shook my fist at them when I saw dumb drivers.

Rachel said...

Message from my friend Janelle:

I concur!!

Taco Bell has much better tacos and sauce for sure!! (Del Taco does have good chicken tacos, so I go there when I want those.) Second, Taco Bell calls their “classic” a SUPREME so as not to confuse their customers who are looking for a regular taco. Hormones or not, I say you paid 40 cents for six pieces of tomato and that would make me crabby too.

Now you’ve got me wanting Taco Bell.