Tuesday, November 3

Absent last week

I know I have been absent to 13 days now, and actually, a lot has been going on! I will try to catch you all up to date, my posts will be in no particular order (other than the order than what is most prevalent on my mind). I thought I would start with where I was all last week.

As I mentioned before, my mother broke her leg on October 10th. The doctor told her absolutely no weight on the lef for at least 6 weeks. Unfortunately, my father had a pre-scheduled trip starting on October 20th. So my sister and I decided to each take a trip up north to Sacramento to take care of my mom and high-school brother (without a drivers license). My sister took the first shift and I took the second week. The trip was nice, a few mishaps along the way, but it made me feel better knowing that I could go up, spend time with my mom, and help her out.

Following my high school friend's wedding on Saturday, I flew up to Sacramento on Sunday, October 25th, my brother's 15th birthday. I tried to pack as light as I could because I was flying with friends who would take me from the airport to my parent's house. Apparently, I packed a little too light, sitting in the airport it suddenly dawned on me that I completely forgot about the car seat! I left it in Scott's car after he dropped us off. I called my husband, but we realized that by the time he got gas in his car and drove back to the airport, I wouldn't have time to get the car seat and get on the plane. I frantically call my mom and tell her what I did. Luckily, my other brother (21) was spending the day with my mom. He ran to target, bought and installed a car seat that we will now leave at Grandma's. Which means he also had to come pick me up from the airport. Disaster avoided! Luckily for me, Brendan did end up sleep on the airplane, he was really fussy in the beginning but I was able to calm him down, give him some juice and he fell asleep in my arms.

Other than the adventures flying, the rest of the trip was good. The worst part was carting my brother all over town; to & from school (at 6:00 in the morning), Piano lessons, Saxophone lessons and church. I also had to take Brendan with me since my mom wasn't really able to chase a toddler around the house. But the days were spent mostly in the house, spending time with my mom. Brendan playing with the dog (he would bend down enough to let the dog lick to top of his head), Brendan and Grandma playing pat-a-cake, and anything else we could think to do in the house. I am sorry to say I didn't get many pictures of our time there!
I am very thankful for the opportunity to spend time with my mom, for Grandma to see her grandbaby and for the opportunity to help my parents in this situation. My poor mother felt like such a burden, but she was no trouble at all, not the least bit high maintenance. And I know if I broke my leg, she would be down here in an instant!

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Brenda said...

Thank you for coming. I had a great week. Playing pat-a-cake was the high light of each day. I have the best daughters in the whole world.