Monday, October 6

Angel's Baseball!

Last night was a stressful night! "Here we go again!" I thought, "Another sweep from the Red Sox in the Post Season!" But to our excitement, the Angels actually won last night! That means that we are still in the running for making it to the World Series! I know it is a long shot, but the Angels have been playing well all year, we might make it! The Angels must win 2 more games to clinch the series against the Red Sox, where Boston only has to win 1 game against us.

We were on the edge of our seats most of the night watching the roller coaster of a game just to see who would come out on top! My heart was racing as we entered the 12th inning, but the Angels were victorious in a thrilling 5-4 victory.

As I said, it was a roller coaster of events, Torii Hunter along with Howie Kendrick, let a routine pop-fly fall right in the middle of three outfielders letting Boston score, as every Angel fan started yelling at the TV. (Check out Torii Hunter's blog and he will tell you all about it.) Then my favorite player comes up to bat - Catcher Mike Napoli! Scott starts making comments about my player as I tell him to watch out - "Napoli is going to do something great right now!" Just seconds before his big play Scott tells me, if Napoli hits a home run, I'll buy you whatever you want!" Thanks for coming through Mike! The next time Napoli comes up to bat, HE DOES IT AGAIN! What an Amazing player! For all you guys who laughed at me for choosing Napoli as my favorite player, look who's laughing now! But Napoli doesn't stop, he goes on and hits a single in the 12th, which then ends up scoring the winning run. Hopefully we can keep it up to win again tonight. Man I love baseball!
P.S. The pictures above of Brendan were from his 1st & 2nd baseball games, only a few weeks old at the time, these are not recent pictures, maybe I will post more tomorrow of Brendan in his Angel gear, depending on how the game goes tonight...

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Ezzah said...

AWESOME! Too bad you're teaching him to root for the wrong team :) oh well, at least the colors are right.