Monday, October 6

My Amazing Baby - Week 12

A baby's development is simply amazing! This weekend, Scott and I were watching Brendan play and discovered that he is growing leaps and bounds and is developing more than we realized.

Brendan has now discovered his hands; he clasps his hands together when he sits on my lap as if he is waiting patiently for the next event. He is amazed with these little fingers that he can open and shut them, and just stares and the wonder of these little things attached to his body. He can also grasp on to items, Mommy's hair is a favorite. He holds his blanket when covered and now he can hold onto toys when they are handed to him. We love to watch him play with his toys.

Brendan has always been very strong, at only a few weeks old, he was working on holding up his head. Although at times he still looks like a bobble-head, he does pretty well. At his last "Well Baby Check-up" Dr. Mackey said he held his head up really well. On Thursday, we put Brendan on his tummy and realized how strong that head really was! He was able to hold his head high while laying on the floor. We were once again amazed at his development!

What happened yesterday morning just blew us away! We laid him on his tummy once again for "Tummy Time" and were playing with him when all of the sudden, (okay, not too quickly) he kicked himself over! What an amazing baby! He tried it a couple more times and he was able to roll from his tummy to his back. Of course, whenever I tried to record this feat, he would just whine and cry. And so I do not have a clip to show you, maybe tonight he will perform for the camera.

It was at this point that Scott and I realized, we really need a video camera. We do not want to be missing out on his milestones but want to capture everything on film. Hopefully soon we will be able to purchase a video camera to savor our family moments!

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Hazeleyessue said...

Yea for Brendan! They grow sooo fast! I can't believe he is already 12 weeks old! My Jackson is 11 months! Yikes!