Saturday, October 18

Follow-up Appointment

We had a follow-up doctors appointment on Friday morning at 9:30 am. Dr. Mackey looked Brendan over and said that this was not the same baby he saw two days prior. Brendan was getting better quickly and he could already tell he was feeling more like himself. He confirmed that all tests came back negative and that Brendan just had a bad cold (just like Daddy and Mommy did). I asked about my Sacramento trip and he said to go right ahead and plan it, this age is the perfect age to take flying.

I got home and looked into plane tickets, because I had to work around my parents schedule, I either had to fly in before 3:30 that day, or wait until Saturday evening. I tried to make it to the airport for a flight that took off at 1:00 but after running around crazy for an hour trying to throw everything together in an hour, I realized, there was no way I could do this. It was better for us all though, with Brendan still getting better and me with my bad cold, we just stayed home sick together. We were both very miserable, but did get a little rest.

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