Wednesday, October 8

Well Baby Check-up (2 months)

Brendan had his two month check-up yesterday afternoon. He is now 13 pounds, 5 ounces and is over 25 inches long. That is on the 90% for height and 75% for weight. Not too bad if you ask me! Our doctor's office is one where they train student doctors to give them practice seeing patients. I really enjoy this concept, it could be partially because we spent a week at Loma Linda where the entire hospital is full of student doctors, but I think it is a great opportunity. It also means that More than one set of eyes are looking my baby over and they bounce ideas off of each other. The biggest reason I like the student doctors is that I feel as if the appointment is more thorough. Because the students are learning, Dr. Mackey takes more time with each patient as to show the student's what to look for, and explains more to the parents and to the students so I know exactly what is going on with my baby.
So yesterday, we had the student doctor come in and check Brendan over. I showed him the rash that Brendan has had on him tummy for the past couple of weeks (you can kinda see it in the picture below). He looked really concerned and mumbled something about what it could be (some technical name I don't remember). He felt the rash and it wasn't dry or chafed, just red and blotchy. So he went and explained it to Dr. Mackey. When they both came back in, Dr. Mackey took one look and exclaimed "that's just baby rash". My poor kid has inherited my eczema. About 20% of babied get eczema that can be brought on by heat, laundry detergent and itchy materials. The doctor said it is completely normal, I just need to continue to wash all of his clothes in Dreft laundry detergent and put cream on the area. I have found the best thing that works is A&D ointment. When I told my day care provider about this she looked at me like I was crazy to put diaper rash cream all over my baby's body. This is not just diaper rash cream, it is really just skin ointment with vitamin A & vitamin D that is usually used for diaper rash. It also can be used on minor cuts and burns.
Brendan did get three shots yesterday and was not happy about it! I know they hurt him but he was actually easier to calm down than last time. I just had to rock him a bit, give him his pacifier, and his blanket to grab onto. Then it was no problem to put him back into his seat. It was at this time that it hit me, my kid will probably be attached to a blanket since at this young age he already calms down when holing a blanket in his hands! Oh well, it's cute for now.


Kevin and Bekah said...

I don't care what you say - He is still bald.

Shanda said...

You're such a good mommy! I wish I could watch you be a mommy more often... For now, I'll settle for blog watching.

Love you!