Monday, October 27

Camping at Joshua Tree

Last weekend we went camping at Joshua Tree with our friends, Robyn & David, Casey & Tim and Melissa & Troy. This was Brendan's second trip camping (although I forgot to take pictures of his first time) and it was a little bit stressful, not just for our family, but for everyone it seemed.
For us, we started by trying our best to be as organized as possible. Scott and I packed the car the night before, I have gotten pretty good and making everything fit in our tiny Hyundai Accent so that wasn't a big deal. We were sharing food with Tim and Casey, so Casey had already packed everything (since they went down Thursday night, this was a BIG help for me since I had just come back into town from Sacramento on Wednesday night). On Friday morning, with a full car, I took Scott to work, dropped off Brendan at Day care, and went into work early (after picking up ice from the grocery store). I got off of work a little early, picked up Brendan and then headed to Scott's school to pick him up, we were on our way!

Unfortunately, there is no cell phone service at all in Joshua Tree, not convenient at all for meeting a group there. The instructions of how to find the group were a bit confusing and we ended up driving around the park (the park is REALLY big) stopping at every posting sign in hopes of finding a note of where to find our group. We finally did find them and started setting up camp. Little by little we find things that we had forgotten to pack, like pillows for ourselves, and the rain cover to our tent. We didn't expect rain, but without the cover, it was just open mesh - and it was VERY cold at night! Luckily, Tim & Casey had an extra tarp that we were able to use instead.
Overall, we made it work, it was a great time spent with friends, even if it was a little cold at night. Brendan didn't do so well in the cold tent and ended up sleeping with me in my sleeping bag half-way through the night but we had a good time. Below are some more pictures of our trip.

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