Friday, October 24

First Airplane Ride

Brendan had his first airplane ride on Saturday, October 18th. He rode from Ontario to Sacramento. I must admit, flying alone with a baby is quite an adventure, I hope not to do it too often but it is manageable. The most difficult part is going through security.

Southwest Airlines will let you take the stroller all the way to the gate; they will put it under the plane and then give it back to you when you get off. However, security it not so baby friendly! I get to the metal detectors and I have in my possession as little as I could get away with; his diaper bag, my purse, a stroller, and a car seat. No problem! But I have to take out the Ziploc bag with his "liquids" my "liquids" out of my purse, and I have to show security his formula. I am not allowed to take water to mix formula with, but I am able to take pre-made formula through security as long as I show it to them.

After our carry-ons (and my shoes) were through the x-ray, they told me I also had to send the stroller through, so as I am trying to balance a three month old, take out the car seat, and fold up a stroller to go through the x-ray, Brendan starts to cry! Luckily, one of the security guards (?) helped me to fold up the stroller, and send it through the machine. As I start to walk through the medal detector with a baby in my arms, I am stopped "you need to remove his shoes." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? A three month old's cloth shoes have to be removed and sent through the x-ray; what has this world come to?

Well, we made it through that fiasco, next time I guess I will be prepared for what is expected. I was a little worried about Brendan on the plane, I didn't want to have one of those crying children that everyone is annoyed with and wishes the parents would just shut them up! But as soon as the planes engine started, Brendan fell right to sleep.I was glad he was able to sleep through most of it, he woke up as we started to descend and I fed him a bottle then just cuddled him with his pacifier to keep him calm. Luckily for me, Brendan is not a loud crier, so the screaming three year old a few rows backs took center stage.

As I got off the plane in Sacramento, my stroller was there (already set up by the airline staff) for me to stick the car seat in and go. My parents and brothers came up to greet me just in front of security. Of course my mother doesn't say anything to me but immediately went to see her grandson; I guess that is the way it goes once you have babies. I think my (little) brother on the other hand, cared more about seeing me than seeing my baby.My luggage and car seat base came shortly after we went downstairs and so all-in-all it was a pretty easy trip. No complaints here; except that I had to take off his shoes - that is ridiculous!


Ezzah said...

ask me about flying internationally.....and on crutches....alone with a baby!!!! some of the things really are rediculous. Do you use your full stroller? the BEST investment I made was this car seat frame thingy....very light weight, easy to manage around and handy. If you think you'll fly alone even once more you should look into it. If you ever want any travel tips...I'm your girl!

Ezzah said...

Oh, I meant to ask....his ears did okay? Aren't plane engines GREAT! I wish they'd make a noise maker for the crib like that, forget those wussy little wooooing things!!! :)

Random Flair said...

Your little one is soooo cute! Congrats! Thanks for your words about my blog... it's so random, I'm surprised anyone reads it at all! Hi, by the way. :)