Saturday, October 11

Shopping with Babies

Last night my best friend and I were able to get out of the house and go shopping together. When we go out we don't get to go out for very long since we can't meet until after work, about 6:00 and Brendan's bed time is about 9:00 so we head out around then. However, we had a wonderful time. Tawni's baby, Sammy, is five weeks younger than Brendan (check out her blog at We started with dinner at Chili's, our favorite place to eat, with a bowl of soup and an appetizer to split. The we took our babies shopping at Babies R Us, Old Navy and Target. We were quite the sight with two babies in the cart! What a night we had, I love to get out of the house, I love to shop and I love spending time with Tawni and Sammy. I am really glad that Tawni and I are going through this stage of life together. It gives us the opportunity to spend time together without getting frustrated that we have to stop and feed or change diapers. Our boys will be close friends!


Tawni said...

I love our shopping trips! I love even more that our boys get to grow up together like we did :)

Jennifer said...

how fun. I'm sorry I missed out. Your boys will just have to be the "protectors" of my babies :)

Shanda said...

So cute!