Friday, October 31


Today is Friday morning, Halloween morning actually, I was about to walk to out the door with baby in hand to go to Brendan's day care when I get a phone call from my Tawni (who had the same Day Care) calls me on my phone a little upset. It seems as though our day care lady had to go in for unexpected surgery on her throat this morning and didn't call us. When Tawni showed up that morning, her husband was there to watch our babies instead. We were frustrated from not having met the husband before and not being informed ahead of time.

I decide to take the day off from work and just stay at home with Brendan. I ask Tawni if she wants me to go pick-up Sammy as well. What was I thinking? I just volunteered to have two babies 5 weeks apart all day?? Our Day care thanks me for picking up Sammy, it makes the day a lot easier on her husband!

The day wasn't so bad, they boys took naps at the same time, and played together. The downfall was they were also fussy at the same time as well! I brought our Pack-n-play (a wonderful invention) to the living room and I have two swings so they could both be content to swing at the same time. I even had a little extra time to pull out my laptop and do some work from home!

In the end, I realized, I could handle twins, but I would rather not!! By 5:00, I was ready to get out of the house!

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