Friday, March 20

Brendan the Sailor

Happy Friday to you all! My father pointed out that I did get a video camera for Christmas, and apparently, I am not posting enough videos! So I thought Brendan looked so cute in his little outfit this morning that I would take a couple pictures to share with the Grandparents. I had to take it this morning after Scott left for work because he hates the hat Brendan has on, I just think it is SO ADORABLE! The video is about 1 min 40 sec. If you don't have time to watch the video (it is a little boring) I have posted some pictures too. I just love this outfit, when I first got it, I wasn't sure, but now I feel like I need to take him to the beach in Nantucket or Cape Cod to play in the sand, or put him in a wooden toy boat, just what the outfit reminds me of! I can't help it, I'm a proud Mama and I think he is so cute!! Happy Friday!


Random Thoughts said...

This grandparent sure enjoyed the video. Thanks for brightening my Saturday morning!!

JT Reed said...

Grandpa says "hi" back. You are right he is "so cute." Scott is right too - lose the hat.