Thursday, March 19

Ode to my Coffee Table

When Scott and I were first married, we did not have much furniture. He came from living with his parents, and I from living at my sister's apartment (which she fully furnished). Luckily, we were given some pieces of furniture, and frugally bought the rest that first year. One item that was given to us was a nice oval coffee table. Nothing fancy, but a cherry wood that looked nice in our living room. I told Scott many times that this coffee table was not an ottoman and that it would not hold up if we continued to put our feet up on it. And yet, we (myself included) continued to use this poor little coffee table as an ottoman. It was multi-functional: A coffee table, a dinner table, an ottoman, a desk, and a support device when Brendan started standing. Although it would get wobbly, Scott would just flip it over, tighten the bolts and we would continue on our merry way. I was a nice little coffee table for our little apartment
My Coffee Table at Christmas Time

When we talked of moving to our new house, Scott started talking about what new furniture he wanted. I asked that we not purchase any new furniture until we get settled so we can see what we really want, really need, what we can afford and what would look nice with our other stuff. Scott agreed, however, he said that he really wanted a new coffee table.

A few nights ago we were enjoying our evening in the living room. Brendan was playing on the floor with his toys and Scott and I were enjoying The Cosby Show reruns. Scott was lounging on the couch with his feet on the coffee table (of course) and I had just settled down and barely placed my feet next to his when CRACK. We look down and our poor coffee table is now standing on three legs. (You may have seen where this was going considering my past tense in this post).

I couldn't believe my coffee table was broken! Scott quickly flipped the table over and I ran to find our super glue (we don't have any wood glue and it wasn't a matter of just re-screwing the leg back in). Sadly, I couldn't find our super glue. Would Hot glue work? I asked, Scott said probably not but we were willing to try anything. I heated up the hot glue gun, of course it didn't work. I do believe my coffee table is beyond repair.

Scott looks up at me, "I guess I do get a new coffee table after all."

No way, we are getting an ottoman!


Anonymous said...

Awww, RIP coffee table. It's funny how people get attached to silly furniture like that. I *love* my coffee table that I got my senior year in college and I'm going to be a little sad when we finally replace it with something nicer. - Elizabeth

Robyn said...

You could get one of those square ottoman/coffee tables. Then buy a pretty tray on put it in the center. It would look nice with the decor you currently have.

Auntie Wiesow's Ramblings said...

Yeah, definitely get an ottoman not a coffee table. If you get a big enough one you can get a tray to put on it to place drinks.

Anonymous said...

I bet Dad could fix it.

Brenda said...

I like the bed bath and beyond one. It looks like you could wipe off the drool, has two extra seats when you have company, and when the kid starts walking and falls on it you shouldn't have to worry about stitches.