Sunday, March 22

Update with the House

Everyone warned me that buying a house can be a nightmare. Although it hasn't been too stressful, there has been a test to my pittance as we sit and wait for "them" to complete the processes, as well as a lot of paperwork. Not only have we been working with a realtor, but I had to work with a bank to get my down payment for the house accessible. Here has been the break down so far...

  • Sat, Feb 14th - Met our Realtor (John) and started looking at houses.
  • Sun, Feb 15th - Rich called to get information about financial status of Pre-approval.
  • Sun, Feb 15th - Sent list to John of what houses we wanted to see.
  • Mon, Feb 16th - Received loan pre-approval & letter from Rich.
  • Mon, Feb 16th 12:30 pm- Found the house we wanted.
  • Mon, Feb 16th 3:30 pm - Completed paperwork to put offer on house.
  • Thur, Feb 19th - Called Laura at BofA to work with money transfer
  • Thur, Feb 19th - Spoke with Parents of BofA, was told I should be working with Gail not Laura.
  • Fri, Feb 20th - Spoke with Gail, she confirmed she was handling the account
  • Sat, Feb 21st - Gail sent letter of authorization to be signed, signed and returned form
  • Mon, Feb 23rd - Confirmed Gail received letter, said she didn't think anything else was needed.
  • Wed, Feb 25th - E-mailed Gail asking for info on account & when the check will be sent. Sent Jan statement of account, "check should go out Friday"
  • Wed, Feb 25th 6:00pm - Meet with John to sign papers to open Escrow. Papers are filled out with incorrect names by seller's agent.
  • Thur, Feb 26th - Gail e-mailed, ooops, need another signature and copy of Drivers License. Faxed signature and DL to Gail.
  • Thur, Feb 26th - Ooops, last name is different, now BofA needs copy of Marriage Certificate.
  • Fri, Feb 27th - Faxed copy of Marriage Certificate. Not THAT fax number, use a different one! - Re-faxed Marriage Certificate.
  • Mon, Mar 2nd - Home sick with Brendan, received check in the mail.
  • Wed, Mar 4th - Called Rich who is working with our house loan, he gave list of required documents needed.
  • Wed, Mar 4th 6:00pm - Met with John again to fill out paperwork again. Last name still not correct.
  • Thur, Mar 5th - Sent to Rich: copy of DL & SSC, Current pay stubs, W-2's from 2008 & 2007, copy of tax returns, Bank statements.
  • Thur, Mar 5th - Rich responds, didn't get the _________ forms back. Never sent us form to fill out! Rich sends us forms that should have been completed on 2/16. Bank Account doesn't show enough money for down. You didn't tell us you needed proof of down.
  • Fri, Mar 6th 11:28am - Sent proof of funds & copy of marriage cert to Rich
  • Fri, Mar 6th 3:15pm - Sent required paperwork back to Rich
  • Fri, Mar 6th - Appraisal of house was ordered.
  • Fri, Mar 6th 6:00pm - Met with John AGAIN to sign addendum's to correct last name.
  • Sat, Mar 7th - John takes us back to the house to look at again. Bekah & Kevin join us and take pictures on their camera of the inside.
  • Wed, Mar 11th - E-mailed Rich to see how process was going, missing any information?
  • Fri, Mar 13th - Had house inspection with Anthony & John. House looks good, no major damage. Needs a good cleaning, remove wasps nests, paint & carpet.
  • Sat, Mar 14th - Received package in the mail to sign more papers for Rich.Mon, Mar 16th - Received complete eval with pictures from Anthony from House Inspection.
  • Tues, Mar 17th - Escrow FINALLY opens. Now we wait some more...
  • Wed, Mar 18th - Financial File was submitted for Loan Approval. More waiting.
Hurry-up and wait! We are told that our estimated closing date for Escrow is still April 10th, I am not holding my breath since it took them so long to get the process going. I am a little nervous and I really hope and pray that the house will close on time. I don't want to pay any extra money if it does take longer to close.


lovemoderately said...

Bethany and I know all to well about this process. Good luck!

S.M.K. said...

How in the world did you recall all of that?

JT Reed said...

Response to S.M.K. It's the meds, man. It makes a difference.