Wednesday, March 18

Irish Dinner

Last night I had my Traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner for the girls. We had 6 girls and three kids at dinner. I thought the evening was wonderful! This was my 5th year cooking this dinner for the girls. Although it is not the "Traditional" dinner my parents make, I don't have time to spend hours in the kitchen, so I have improvised my meal a bit. My Parents still makes their dinner every year.

Before leaving for work, I put my Corned-beef (frozen) into the crock pot with a few cups of water, set it to 10 hours low, and left for work. Because I live so close to where I work, I was able to come home at lunch and add the golden potatoes (I like the taste better than red potatoes) and carrots to the crock pot. After work, I came home to finish the meal, although most of the meal was already done, sitting in the crock-pot waiting for me. My sister helped me with the asparagus (instead of the mint peas (not minced) my mother makes), we boiled some cabbage in the juice from the corned beef, and I went to work making the Girl Scout Thin Mint brownies they were really good. I had purchased some Potato rolls that were in a bread basket on the table (since I didn't have time to make the Irish Soda Bread) and with the pear jello made the night before, dinner was a snap!

Sorry, no pictures of dinner, but I did get a video of the kids playing afterwards. The video is mostly of my son...but what do you expect? :) Pictures of the kids together can be found on Tawni's blog.


Anonymous said...

It's about time we saw some video of the star. I like the bib too. I wonder where that came from?

Were proud to hear of our kids keeping the traditions going - even with golden potatos.

Kevin and Bekah said...


I had fun! And I can't remember Mom ever making minced peas - always minted peas (which I never liked.)

Anonymous said...

Bekah is right, it was minted peas. Maybe if you had tasted them instead just turning up your nose you might have knowned.

Rachel said...

I did taste those peas! They were not good.