Tuesday, March 31

Quick update on...everything

Wow, another week has gone by without a post. I'm sorry that I have been so behind. I'll give a quick update as to what is happening in our lives:
  • Signed more house paperwork last week, loan is in process as is Escrow. Still no word on when the house will close. They keep telling me April 10th...I don't believe it.
  • We went camping last weekend, had fun until the winds came, by the way, Camping is not easy with an 8 month old!
  • Since Scott and I currently do not have cable (or even rabbit ears) we watch episode after episode of TV on DVD - Currently it is Two and a Half Men. It cracks me up.
  • I was sick all of last week with a really bad cold, stayed home from work on Monday, left early on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Just now getting some energy back, but I miss my naps
  • I hate packing.
  • We packed 27 boxes of my husband's books.
  • 5 boxes of DVD's & CD's
  • 4 small boxes of outgrown baby clothes
  • 2 boxes of Scrapbooking stuff
  • 3 boxes from the Hallway closet
  • 4 boxes from the Baby's Room
  • ...still a lot more packing to go
  • Scott got me a new camera to replace the one I lost.
  • My video camera is broken, I have to send it back to the company for the warranty to fix it.
  • Still plugging away at my current class, almost halfway done, and I still have an A!
  • My husband started a blog, newsforliberty.blogspot.com check it out, it's basically a critique on what is happening in the news.
  • Work has been busy lately as I prepare to be on vacation next week
  • I am way overdue for a vacation
  • My parent's are coming into town next week to visit. I am super excited.
  • I miss my mom.
  • Brendan has the worse diaper rash i have ever seen, I think I need to call the doctor.
  • but he still is as cute as ever.
  • He is showing signs of more teething, but no sign of more teeth.
  • Our family is a little stressed and tired, but we still love each other and will make it through!

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers, I will try to keep you more current on our news, this will have to do for now!

Okay, okay, I'll leave you with a couple pictures as well! :)


John and Alisha Stults said...

You guys have been busy! I just wanted to let you know that our pediatrician had prescribed something called Nystatin cream when Caleb had really bad diaper rash. It cleared it up really quick. Maybe he might be able to take that.

Rebekah said...

I pretty much watch all of my tv on line ... can they really be called tv shows if everyone watches them on some other format? ;)

oh, and I'm very impressed that you went camping with a baby!