Monday, November 29

Brendan's 2-year-old Pictures

Although it was late, I finally took Brendan to go get his 2-year-old pictures. I think it was so late because I was procrastinating taking him in for pictures. My kid hardly ever sit still and so to take him to a new place and ask him to sit and smile, just didn't feel like a good idea. But we went anyway.

Almost 4 months after his 2nd birthday, I finally took him to JCPenny's Portrait Studio. The woman was nice, she had a kid of her own (and one on the way) but I think that her little girl was more used to taking photos than my hyper Brendan. She kept asking him to "sit on the light" which was not going over well. Then she tried to spell out "T-W-O" with Brendan, which I thought was a waste of time since I told her I was only purchasing one shot. It was pretty cute, but you can see she was only able to get the "O" and "W", never the "T". So much for that! She did make an adorable Thank You card, but I didn't need any of those...

Finally she got him to play with some boxes, she stacked them up and told him to stand next to them...umm...hello? He's two! You just stacked boxes, what do you think I 2-year-old is going to do with those? He tried to sit on the bottom box and they all fell over, this was a fun game for Brendan! She re-stacked them and he knocked them over about 6 times. I finally asked her for a stool or something that he could sit on so he had a defined spot. This is the shot I ultimately ended up with, as you can see I didn't really have many choices. It was this one (with the random Orange box on top) or the first one with his cheesy half-smile (although I really do love the picture of him in the "O" it just didn't seem to be the right pose to choose!)
My mother says, some years are better than others. Here's hoping 3 is easier than 2!

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Random Thoughts said...

He's clean, adorable and smiling - you can't get much better than that out of a two year old boy! Good job mom.