Thursday, November 11

The Hat

During our family trip to Boise last July, Scott bought Brendan a Boise State hat for him to wear. Brendan has never been a big hat wearer but Daddy always wears baseball hats, so Brendan got one too.
Brendan loves his Boise State hat. It goes with us to all sorts of places, and whenever Daddy's wears a hat, Brendan needs one too!

The other night I went to tuck Brendan in and check on him after he had gone to sleep and I found him sleeping peacefully...hat and all!


Tawni said...

That is precious!!!
He sure does love that hat. Remember when Sammy tried to wear it at your house ... Brendan did not like that at all. Luckily he could care less if Sam wore his Angles hat :)

Random Thoughts said...

Tell the Bronco"s #1 fan that his #1 fan (and grandma) loves him very much.