Friday, November 26

Great Grandparents: Mimi

My mom's mother has always been refereed to as "Mimi" by her grandkids. She was named by her first Grandchild, Bekah. Now she has 7 Grandchildren and 3 Great-Grandchildren. On Labor Day weekend, she was able to come down to Southern California to see her 3 Great Grandkids and spend some time with them. Especially her newest and first Great-Granddaughter Lily.

Since we were all around, we took the opportunity to take some pictures of the group. Caleb was less than thrilled and Brendan fought us a bit, but we were able to get a few pictures worth keeping.
Myself, My Boys and Mimi

Mimi with all Three Great-Grandchildren:
Brendan, Caleb & Brendan

The proud Grandparents with their first Granddaughter
More pictures of our family.
Scott with Caleb
Uncle Kevin & Caleb, Scott & Brendan


Lori Zimbardi said...

I love these pictures. All the smiles made me smile too.

Rebukey said...

How special!