Tuesday, November 16

Great-Grandparents: (Grandma (G.G.) & Grandpa)

My Grandma & Grandpa, my father's parents, live in Sacramento, just down the street from my parents. They first got to meet Caleb in July on our long road trip to Idaho. We stopped for an extra day in Sacramento for the sole purpose of getting to see my grandparents. It was really nice letting them hold Caleb, seeing how much Caleb looks like Brendan and having Brendan play at their house. It brought back so many memories for me of Playing at Grandma's house. There was the same red couch that Bekah and I used to play on, sleep on, and Dance around, the same set of beads we used to string into necklaces, the same picnic basket we carried around, and the same metal trucks we would drive all over Grandma's house.
It's not the same house that Grandma lived in while I was growing up, but there was still the familiar "Grandma's House" feel that brought a flood of memories watching my son run around with these "new" toys and my Grandparent's Ooing & Awwing over my new baby.

The boys got to see my grandparents again in October during our trip to Sacramento. I love being able to watch my grandparents interact with their Great-Grandchildren, and their baby (my dad) become a Grandpa, or better yet, Pepaw!I'm excited to see them again for Thanksgiving, it will be a wonderful (and full house) Holiday season!

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