Friday, November 19

Great-Grandparents: G.G. Pat & Poppy

Scott's Grandma & Poppy live not too far away by the Salton Sea (near Palm Springs). A couple months ago we were able to take the boys down for a visit to see the Grandparents and spend some time catching up with Family. As always it was a nice visit. But my favorite part was watching G.G. Pat play with her great-grandchildren. Brendan ran right into their house and made himself at home. Although nap time was a struggle at their house as he can now crawl out of the pack-n-play, but overall it was a very nice visit! (Please excuse my pictures, my camera flash has not been working well so the pictures came out grainy).
G.G. Pat with her Great-Grandchildren
Poppy with Caleb
(Grandma said I was lucky to get this picture,
defiantly holding onto this one, too bad Caleb wasn't smiling!)

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Random Thoughts said...

I especially love the picture of Brendan cuddling with my mom!