Monday, November 15

Apples & Pumpkins

On October 30th, my friend Jenni (and husband Dave) hosted a Apple Dipping & Pumpkin Carving party at their home. Scott had a meeting at church so I fared the party alone with 2 little boys. It was a fun evening but a little overwhelming for me. Some things even I can't do alone with 2 boys!

Brendan really enjoyed decorating the Carmel Apples. I do believe his favorite part was eating his creation. Jenni noticed the boys were eating their apples before dinner, I told her there was no way we could let 2 year olds decorate a candy apple and explain to them they couldn't eat it yet...some battles you just choose to loose!

Pictured below:
Jenni, Myself, Tawni (and Caleb) and Robyn after dipping apples, before the decorating.
Brendan making (and enjoying) his creation.
Sammy eating the M&M's off of his nicely decorated Apple.
And Tawni with her sparkly apple (33 weeks preg, can't wait to meet her new little guy that will create all sorts of trouble, I mean adventure, with the other 3!)
After pizza, we went outside to carve pumpkins. Now typically I am pretty ambitious and I want Brendan to get the most out of holidays, but being without my other half, I decided to wait for next year when Daddy could help carve the first pumpkin. Besides, 3 is a much better age to understand pumpkin carving. So we took the boys outside, and I helped Brendan draw a face on his pumpkin with a permanent marker. I thought a permanent marker was ambitious enough for a 2 year old!

Pictured Below:
Dave helping Brendan with his sweatshirt.
Brendan with his pumpkin that he picked out at the pumpkin patch earlier that day.
Tawni & I with our 3 (and a half) kids. We look exhausted in this picture!
I decided to keep the kiddos inside for the rest of the evening. We didn't actually last much longer. Caleb wouldn't sleep and it was getting close to bedtime for Brendan, so we took off early. Still I am glad we went. We had a good time, and I love watching the kids run around and play with each other. They sometime get loud and crazy and crash cars into each other, but they have fun, and I love watching them play together. Anytime I can share that type of community together with friends and their families I do!

Jenni (preg 18 weeks) with Caleb & Myself. Jenni just found out she too is having a boy, oh what fun they will all get into!


Elizabeth said...

Why do you have the cutest kids in the world?! I love getting too see all the great photos of them. :-)

Rebukey said...

Lol, I'm 27 and I still don't understand pumpkin carving. :) I mean, I know where the tradition comes from and what jackalanterns are (even if I can't spell it ;) but how all that translates into the tradition today? I just don't get it. :(