Saturday, September 19

Big Boy Toys

A few weeks ago (I know I am really behind) we took Brendan to go get him 1 year pictures taken at Sears. While we were waiting we played with some toys to occupy our busy little boy.

Scott gives me a hard time for posting so much about Brendan, but I can't help it! I love him so much, he is my life! So as long as you don't mind the million pictures of my Baby boy, I will keep posting!

Look Ma! A light Saber!

Now how does this thing work?

Oh No! Brendan! Look out! Daddy's going to get you!

Maybe I'll just go play with the tops instead!

Look! I'm just like Grandpa & Uncle Bud!

Maybe I want to be like Great-Grandpa instead!

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Brenda said...

He is just so cute!