Tuesday, September 15

Buying Pants

A few weeks ago New York and Co. had a huge pant sale, buy one, get one free. So of course I went and bought a couple pairs of work slacks. Both pants were the same price, so I got a pretty good deal!

Except, when I got home and tried on the pants, I realized that one pair was a "Knit Luxe" which looked nice in the store but I realized when I got home that the more I would wash these pants, the more they would get balled up and end up looking a lot more casual than I was expecting. I wanted nice slacks.

So I took both pairs of pants and the receipt back to the mall to try and exchange the pants for another pair. I looked all over the store and I could not find another pair of the same price, I was not being picky, there wasn't any, all the other pants were about $8.00 more. So I picked a pair I liked and talked to a sales rep about exchanging them. After arguing politely with her, and having her run back and forth between me and her manager, I asked to speak directly with the manager. It seemed that the problem was, the pair I wanted to return was the "Free" pair (even though both pants were the same price) so they couldn't return the free pair, I could return the pair I paid for. BUT THEY ARE THE SAME PRICE! I am willing to pay the difference in the cost of the pants, I just don't want these pants! Finally, the manager agreed that I could return both pairs, and repurchase the two I want and she would honor the Buy one get one.

After waiting in line for what seemed like forever, I now have to explain the situation to a third girl who is ringing me up. The girl again goes to speak with her manager, and comes back to complete my order. When she is done she hands me my bag with my receipt. I tried to explain to the girl that I need to pay the difference, the pants I bought were more expensive. She tells me that is came out even. I try again to tell her the manager agreed that I needed to pay more. She tells me no, the manager said it should come out even.

Exasperated, I leave. I am tired of arguing with NY & Co. I seemed to get a pretty good deal out of it, and I like their clothes, I'm just not sure if it is worth the arguing.

This morning I pulled out my new pants to wear, they are a 6 Tall, I wear 6 Average. Now I have to take them back again for exchange them for the right size....


Brenda said...

This could only happen to you. What luck, the perfect excuse to go shopping.

Random Thoughts said...

It might be easier to just grow a couple of inches!!