Tuesday, September 1

September 1st

Today is the first day of September, which really may not mean much to most folks, but being a "country girl" born in Bakersfield it always meant something to my family growing up. (I'm not sure if you would really consider me a country girl or not, but my dad tried to raise me that way anyway.) September 1st is the official start to Dove hunting. Dad used to tease that any boy we brought home better know the significance of this day or he wasn't worth dating. In fact, according to my sister, when her husband asked for Dad's blessing, he was asked only one question: "Do you know the significance of September 1st?" Luckily, he had been prepped for this question. My husband had already been hunting with the boys by the time we got married. (Just don't ask for his story of the first time hunting with the family!)

Every Labor day, which usually happens to fall soon after September 1st, we head down to Bakersfield for hunting season. My Father, Uncle, Husband, Cousins, and Brother(s) get up really early to start shooting. The women sleep later, get up and do a little hunting of their own...for sales! I guess I can see where I got my shopping addiction from.

Things have started to change, my "little" brother isn't always able to come down anymore, Brendan tends to not enjoy shopping as much us girls do. This year labor day doesn't fall until September 7th which by that time, most the doves are gone, not prime time for hunting. I'm not sure what this Labor Day weekend has in store for us, but I know things are different. It is hard growing up and watching your family dynamics start to change. Just this afternoon I got a text from my father saying "I converted her. Going Hunting." I have to tell you, this is quite a change from before my mother was the only woman in the house. Poor thing.
September 1st will come and go, and even though I have never been hunting, nor do ever have a desire to, but it is something about September 1st that reminds me of family and how much I miss them


Random Thoughts said...

Yea, I love Sept. 1st - you started blogging again!

Christina said...

Thanks for sharing! Love that your mama went with the boys!