Thursday, September 24

Mr. Independent

I bought Brendan this shirt a while ago.
Mr. Independent.

It served a triple purpose.

1. I bought it for Brendan to wear on the fourth of July - Independence Day

2. My son is Mr. Independent himself. He wants to do things his way, on his time. Don't get in his way! When things don't go his way, it isn't pretty!

3. The biggest reason I bought Brendan this shirt is because his father prides himself on being an Independent (party wise). While we were still dating, Scott changed his party from Republican to In independent. He and Poppy (his Grandfather) have MANY political discussions that Grandma and I tend to stay out of. A few years ago, Poppy called us up to let us know that he had changed from a stark Democrat to INDEPENDENT!

This shirt's for you Poppy!


Kevin and Bekah said...

All by myself.

S.M.K. said...

YES, YES, YES. I love it

Rachel said...

I thought you would like it!