Friday, September 11

Labor Day BBQ

On Labor Day (last Monday) we had a few people over to our house. It was our second party since moving into our house. Our first was our housewarming party in May, and Scott wanted to make sure this one was better. I don't enjoy spending the entire party in the kitchen, so I pre-made as much as I could that morning. I marinated chicken, and made my famous (okay, maybe not famous, but it is my favorite) pasta salad. Unfortunately, Scott and I are still eating the leftover salad for lunches. I shelled the shrimp and put them on skewers, made a chili & cheese dip in the crock-pot and enjoyed my company when they came over. Scott also wanted to make sure that everyone was happy.

We had a variety of drinks and snacks for people to choose, including a punch that I made up a couple house before the party. I thought it was pretty and fun, especially with the frozen berries floating in the jar. We also tried to have different "activities" to entertain us. Food (of course), games, video games, and hanging outside in our backyard.

Since we have more kids in the mix now, we pulled out Brendan's new sprinkler that I bought for $3.00 on clearance from Bed, Bath & Beyond, and his pool, a birthday present from Aunt Bekah. The kids had a blast (for the most part). I think it really helped having something to entertain them with.

To end the night we had 12 adults sit down and try to play a board game. It was a little slow, but I think it was great having everyone together playing a game was a lot of fun. I look forward to hosting more parties through the years!

Pictures of the kids playing:


She-Davis said...

What Game? And pasta salad...I love pasta salad mmmm.

Anonymous said...

Put some sun screen on that pale boy

Kevin and Bekah said...

I love it!