Monday, March 8

Let's talk about Doctors....

Specifically OBGYN’s….

When I was pregnant with Brendan, I had one OB. Due to my insurance, (HMO) I have to be “referred” to an OB by my Family Practitioner. For the most part, I did not mind this doctor. His PA irked me a bit, I felt she was ditzy and a bit clueless, and less than helpful. However, they were little things that I was able to get over. That is until it actually came to my due date. My induction date was scheduled, finally, 2 weeks (okay, 12 days) after my due date. Since this was my first baby, I did not really know better, I had heard that being induced was painful (it was) and so I was willing to wait for my baby to come on his timing. I may not have waited gracefully, but I did wait.

When I finally began progressive labor on early Sunday morning, the day before my induction date, I was excited to finally deliver. I knew that my OB had been “off duty” but with my induction date being on Monday at 8:30 am, I was hoping he would be there to deliver the baby. Without going fully into my labor story, after a LONG day/night in the hospital I finally gave birth at 8:26 Monday, July 14, just minutes from my scheduled induction. Guess who never showed up?
Nope, not for the delivery.
Not for a check-up later in the day.
Not even to release me to go home.
The nurse finally had to call him at 6:00pm the next day to ask if I could be released. Without ever seeing me, talking to me, checking me out in any way, I was released to go home with my newborn.

Needless to say, I was not happy with this OB, and determined not to have the same one for this baby.

Once again, I received a “referral” for a new OB, this one was in the same office building, Great! I thought, close to home and easily accessible. Until I realized I could only schedule appointments on Monday afternoons (at 2:00) or every other Friday. Frustrated I was determined to make it work. The little things kept adding up. I was frustrated, but Scott had never met this OB or his PA so I had no one to talk to and see if I was just being crazy or if I should switch. On January 4, I was told that I was considered “High Risk” because of Blood work being done in the 19th week of pregnancy instead of the 18th. Nothing came back negative with the results; it was just done in the wrong week. Which I was not told specifically what week to have the test done. I was frustrated. A friend of mine was talking to me about it on January 6, without being pushy; she encouraged me to possibly find a new OB that I would be happy with.

I convinced myself that it was not worth it to switch halfway through the pregnancy, it was not a big deal, I could get over my frustrations and lack of communication on my doctor’s office part.

Although the “High Risk” should have been my final straw, on February 8, I had an appointment. Once again, they had delayed my physical that should have been done in my 10th week. The lack of communication was too much for me. Was it so difficult for the office & doctor to read my chart to see what needed to go on? At dinner with my girl friends that night, I brought up my problem. I had just started my 3rd trimester, was it worth it to switch? The answer was “YES! Do what makes you feel comfortable!”

The next day, I made the call to request a new “referral” from my regular doctor. Feeling high maintenance, I had to call and verify that they would take on a new patient at this late point in my pregnancy. The new office said they would. I have now been to visit this office twice. I have seen the doctor both times, I do not know if there is even a PA in this office. The office is small, quiet, and very helpful. I am encouraged that maybe this one will work out.

Feeling confident in your OB is very important, and being comfortable should not be put on the back burner. I will keep you updated on how this doctor goes, because switching again would be a bit ridiculous!

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She-Davis said...

I have had HUGE OB issues with my first and this baby so I really understand! Sorry you have to go through it :(