Wednesday, March 17

Disneyland Again???

Are you tired of all the Disneyland posts? I think I might be starting to; however, the pictures are just too fun not to share! Therefore, if you are tired of my Disneyland stories, or jealous that we got to go and you did not, you may stop reading and wait for tomorrow's post! :)

For the rest of you....

Since Disneyland was out of the question on Saturday, we chose to try again on Sunday. We used the time change to our advantage, we got up and out of the house early enough (after double checking that it was not a block-out day for us), hoping to beat the rush of people headed to Disneyland who may not adjust so well to the change in time.

Parking on Sunday was SO much better than the experience on Saturday; we got into the park, shared a yummy cinnamon roll with coffee (decaf) and walked around Main Street a bit.

Even though the park was expected to be pretty busy on Sunday, we were able to ride 8 rides without much waiting. Brendan really enjoyed himself, and I enjoyed watching my family explore the place together.

We saw the elephants on the Jungle Cruise,

Watched the pirates while riding a boat,

Rode through the Hundred Acre Woods,

and got to give Pooh Bear a hug after the ride!

Next, we galloped on a horse next to Daddy,

and Drove a wild car adventure on Mr. Toads Wild Ride.

By the time we finished with Fantasy land, we were all getting a little tired, the park was starting to fill-up and my feet felt hot in my tennis shoes and were hurting. We ate lunch in the park with our gift card and headed home to do our errands for the day.

It was quite a day!


Brenda said...

I want to go.

Random Thoughts said...

I still have my old annual pass just to remind myself of the good times I had. I would go as much as possible if I lived close too. So glad that Brendan will love Disneyland as much as his grandma!

Auntie Wiesow's Ramblings said...

I like that I finally got to see a belly picture! You look great!