Saturday, March 13

Disneyland: Just Mom & Brendan

Last Saturday, Scott had training for his college classes for most of the day. Daddy had gotten Brendan up and dressed by the time I got up, so when Daddy left, Brendan thought it was time for us to go too. “Bye, bye? Bye, bye? Bye, bye?” He was not happy that Daddy left and we were still home. I quickly got dressed and thought I would take him out for the day. We ended up going to Disneyland, just the two of us!

It was actually very nice. We got to Disneyland at about 9:45, since it was a Saturday, and typically is a little more crowded, I immediately went into California Adventure which seems to be the quieter of the two parks. We started with Breakfast and Brendan danced to the music.

We then rode our first ride, Monster’s Inc. Brendan was very excited to ride the car. He pretty much enjoyed the ride, it was a little long and he was ready to get off. I actually think Brendan’s favorite part of the day was the car parked outside of Monster’s Inc. We kept coming back to it to climb in and out of it. By far, our favorite adventure of the day.
Brendan has been watching a little more TV as he gets older. One of his favorite shows that he watches is Handy Manny. He and Daddy will watch an episode together in the evenings while Mommy cooks dinner. I decided to take Brendan to see the PlayHouse Disney Live on Stage show. They have puppets from 4 Disney Channel cartoons. They are puppets and completely cheesy, but Brendan sat on my lap through the entire thing watching it. He was most excited when Handy Manny and the tools came out to sing. Brendan will sing along to the song, although you cannot understand the words, you can actually tell by the “tune” that he is signing that it is the Handy Manny song.
After the show, I took Brendan by to meet Chip & Dale and get our picture taken. He doesn’t do too bad with the characters, he is still a little uneasy, but he will give them a “bump” of the fist and stand there as long as I don’t try to walk away.
We walked around a little longer, climbed on the car some more and rode King Tritons’ carrousel. The rides are not really Brendan’s favorite, he doesn’t mind them and acts excited to get on, but then he is ready to get off before they are over. His favorite part of the park is the places that he can just run and climb himself. He does not like to be “Strapped down”
By the time we left, it was well past Brendan’s naptime. He wanted my sunglasses, so I let him play with them as I drove out of the parking structure. I filled up with gas before leaving Anaheim, when I got back in the car; I turned around to see my baby, fast asleep.
It was a long day for the little guy. I'm so thankful that we have passes that I can go to Disneyland for just a few hours, and enjoy the day with a toddler without feeling like I have to give-up nap-time justbecause we paid money for a ticket. We are lucky to have the oppertunity to use Disneyland as a quick outing when we don't know what else to do.


Random Thoughts said...

What a life! Sounds like a great day.

Brenda said...

Sounds like you had a great day together.