Friday, March 12

Week 30-31 - The end is near!

It is hard to believe that I am now in my 30th week of pregnancy! Less than 10 weeks to go! (If my baby comes on time, which I am not banking on…) I realized last week that I have not taken a single “Belly shot” with this pregnancy. It is sad but I guess there is a lot more attention on the first baby than the others. It does not mean I will love him any less, probably just have less pictures. As my sister says “It’s good to be the first!”

In week 26, I had to have a Rhogam shot due to being RH negative.

In week 28, I had to have my glucose testing done. They want to check to be sure that I am not at risk for diabetes. Although the drink made me feel really sick all day, the test came back negative and all is well. It also gave me time to just sit and think.

My sister has started planning my baby shower, which I am excited about! We weren’t going to have one at all since we are having a boy and don’t really need a lot of stuff. But Bekah thought it would be nice for us all to get together and celebrate the new baby together. We are keeping it very small, just family and a few of my closest friends.

Sleeping has gotten a lot harder lately. There is more pressure and I can feel there is less room in there for him to move around. Which mean I get more “jabs” in the ribs and jumps that startled me. It is fun though to feel and see him move so much.

I also find myself short on breath easily; I need to sit down more frequently. Even standing to do my hair and makeup and be too much and I need to sit down halfway through.

The end is in sight and we are excited…So much to do!

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