Monday, March 22

Week 32 - Cravings

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant! Crazy I know! About 8 more weeks to go, more-or-less. One of my favorite questions in pregnancy is "What have your cravings been?"
To some extent I am a little skeptical of the whole concept of pregnancy cravings. Are they really pregnancy related or is this my excuse to eat the silly things that I want just because I have a baby growing inside? I'm not sure how deep I want to dive into this issue, mostly because I like being able to have "cravings". I admit, some are stronger than others. There are times when I really want something salty, like NOW. And other times Ice-cream sounds good, so I'll blame my desire for sweets on a craving. My husband just shakes his head at me at my response of "The baby wants ice cream, I can't help it" (with an innocent smile). Craving or not, I like the excuse!
If we do want to believe that the cravings are true, I thought I would reflect on what my cravings have been so far with this pregnancy.

With my pregnancy with Brendan I remember craving Jell-o. That one I truly believe to be a craving. I don't eat Jell-o that often, but while pregnant, I couldn't get enough! I also craved Goldfish Crackers, which now my son eats like crazy.

With this pregnancy, I crave mostly salty things. My second trimester I ate pickles every night. For a couple weeks I wanted Peanut-Butter and banana bagels. But the biggest thing I have loved almost the entire pregnancy has been Gardettos. Chex Mix will not do, I like the salty mix of the Gardetto's Snack Mix, I love the crisp rye crackers, the pretzels and the sesame bread sticks. I wish the cafe at work sold them, because just talking about them right now is driving me crazy!

My other guilty secret pleasure (which wont be a secret any longer) is my cravings for Cadbury Creme Eggs. It's not even Easter yet and I have already had 6 eggs. I buy a pack of four at a time, keep them in my desk and eat them slowly savoring the much too sweet soft fondant center and creamy milk chocolate. I know I am crazy, but I love it! I don't know what I am going to do when Easter is a stash that will last me though May?

So those are my cravings thus far at 32 weeks. We are getting close to the end now, I still feel good, but reality is setting in that I have 8 more weeks and a lot more work to do! I'm sure with Gardetto's and Creme Eggs I will make it through!

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