Wednesday, March 10

Scrapbooking Weekend

A couple weekends ago, I had the opportunity to have some quality girl time. Some friends from work invited me to go away with them on a scrapbooking getaway. To be honest, I was a little afraid to go. I have not scrapbooked in almost a year; my excuse was that it was difficult to do so while Brendan was running all over. I also was a little afraid of branching out and going someone where overnight with a bunch of people I did not really know that well. However, since I had missed the one in November due to family issues, I had promised that I would go on the next one.

I decided not to go up on Friday night with everything that had been going on at home; I thought I would only leave Scott home alone for one night. Saturday morning Natalie picked me up, bright and early and we headed up the mountain to big bear.

The drive up was an adventure in itself! We made it about 1/3 the way up the mountain and were told that we could not go further without chains. Natalie and I turned to each other and realized we would have to turn around and get chains to get up the mountain. (Here is the part where my husband inserts “I asked you before you left the house if you had chains!”) We ask where the nearest place to buy chains were and are told to turn back and go to Wal-Mart or Chevron in Highland. Our first stop was Chevron since it was closest, $80 for chains, and we find out that it will cost us $40 to have them installed once we get up the mountain. We decide that $80 is too much and go to Wal-Mart. Of course, everyone driving up the mountain that weekend needed chains as well and they were out of the size we needed.

Our next choice was to either go back and wait in line at Chevron, or drive back to the Wal-Mart in Redlands for chains. The chains at Wal-Mart were only $35, much better than $80. Two hours after we left my house, we are less than 30 minutes away at Redlands, but on our way again! (Husband: “I told you so!” Yes dear, you were right). We did have to stop and pay the nice men in yellow install our chains. I told Natalie I had seen it done before and instructions were included but I was not about to stand out in the snow, pregnant, trying to put chains on the tires. We finally made it up to the cabin in the snow, but it was beautiful. The snow covered mountains, the white silent trees, all spoke of God’s Beauty to be admired and praised.

Although the drive was long, I was very thankful to have the time with Natalie just to talk. We talked about work, life, family, her newest Grandbaby that was due to arrive in just hours, all the usual topics. We were also able to talk about our walks, God’s beauty and I was able to share how God had been moving in me lately and get some feedback from someone who has been there before.

As far as the actual scrapbooking weekend went, I had so much fun. For not having scrapbooked in over a year, I had a lot of catching up to do. One of my goals for this year (Count this as another resolution) was to get caught up on Brendan’s Baby Book and Scrapbook before the next baby comes along. I was able to crank out 22 scrapbook pages for Brendan’s album. I was so excited. It really motivated me to get back into scrapbooking. I realized that it is one of my stress relievers. IT gives me the opportunity to just sit down, let my creative juices flow, and create something that came just from me to be admired for years. It documents my son’s life and is filled with the love of his mother. I hope to keep it up and continue to create pages for his scrapbook. Maybe not 22 in one weekend again, but if I did only one a week, I would get caught up.

On Sunday morning, we got up, had breakfast, and scrapbooked some more. We left the cabin about 1:00 in the afternoon. The snow had stopped so we did not need the chains on the tires anymore. I ensured Natalie that taking chains off was so much easier than putting them on. The man in yellow instructed us not to pay someone more than $10 to remove the chains. Instead, pregnant me got down on my hands and knees and removed the chains from the tires! (Sorry, no pictures to prove it). I did have some help from the other girls, and it really is not that difficult. The trip back down was much less eventful, but I was happy to be home to my boys.

The weekend really made me appreciate the opportunity to make new friends, and get together to share something we all have a passion for. Later this month one of the ladies already has a scheduled Saturday to come over and scrapbook at her house, I am excited!

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Anonymous said...

Rachel, I am SO glad you got to join us for the weekend, hesitancy and all. It was a beautiful setting for scrapbooking. God designed it perfect for us. I love how, despite talking to each you pretty regularly, I really felt I got to know each of you better. The memories make me smile. Creativity and fellowship with friends is the ultimate stress relief if you ask me. And yes, you are quite the super woman removing chains, pregnant and all. By the way, there is a picture to prove it. :-) It's going to be fun to spend the day doing more catch up in a couple Saturdays. Janelle