Thursday, March 25

Spring Sunshine!

Lately, we have been receiving a fair amount of sunshine in Southern California. Last Thursday morning before I went to the Dentist office for my Root Canal, Brendan and I had the opportunity to play outside, at 9:00 in the morning, the weather was beautiful!

Brendan got a Slide Castle from his Grandparents for Christmas. He loves to climb and play on the castle, mostly, Brendan just loves to be outside. I was able to catch some shots of my big boy playing outside. Scott's afraid that once the new baby comes, Brendan wont get as much attention. I'm afraid of the opposite happening. Just look at that adorable little kid! How could you not pay attention to him?? In reality, I think that it will take some adjustment for our family, but we will have enough love and attention for both of our boys!
After playing outside, w headed in for a nutritious snack before going to daycare for the day. This isn't that big of a deal or really blog-worthy, but he is just turning into such a little man that I had to share, he looks so big holding that banana in his hands, and yet, he is still my baby. I can't believe he ate the entire thing!

Welcome Spring! Thanks for the Sunshine and the opportunity to play and enjoy life!

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Brenda said...

You will find that baby #2 spends more time in the front pack so that you can have 2 hand free. It's a good thing that you liked to cuddle (unlike your sis) because I had you in the front pack a lot. Playing with two is twice as much fun as playing with one. Thanks for the pictures. I love to see him playing and having fun.